Touch and Sense article reflection

Touch articles

Dating with science: Touch-This article describes how subtle and seamless touches can help relationships.

The Body Language of Touch-Here the different types of normal cultural touches and  the effects of participating in them like the short Latin American hug called abrazo.

Touch illusions-This is a list of different ways to fool the body more specifically nerves to feel something that is not there.

New kissing device sends long-distance smooch: A Mr. potato head like object called a kissenger with a pair of lips on it records and sends the impressions of one person’s kiss to another kissenger.

10 Effects of nonsexual touch: People are more likely to be kinder or more generous when seamlessly  touched on the arm, for example a customer is more likely to give a larger tip if the waiter or waitress touches their hand.

Gene Tweak Opens Sensory Black Box:  In this article it explains how scientists have been able to start mapping human touch neuron pathways.



The Cocktail Party Effect: Humans have a amazing ability to true into other conversations however ,when we tune into another conversation we can not listen to the original conversation. 

Environmental Cues That Boost Creativity: From this experiment two environmental cues were discovered the color blue and ambient noise between 50 – 70 decibels, however once the noise grew to loud it became a distraction and impeded creativity. 

Make the City Sound better:  This revolutionary project takes the ambient noise of city life and turns it into music to be broadcasted from speakers mounted on top of a taxi.

Beethoven’s Deafness May Have Influenced His Music Throughout The Years: Beethoven’s music changed when he was going deaf because at that time he could only hear low to middle notes, however when he went completely deaf he went back to his original composing. 

The Sound of Taste: Sound influences the way things taste or the texture at least the example given is the noise that potato chips make the sharper and louder the more crisp, and the opposite is true for dull and quiet.

‘The Medium Is The Massage’: A Kitchen Sink Of Sound: This describes the mixtape created out of the book and how different sounds influence people.


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