Sense perception: intro

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How many legs does the elephant have?


Part 4.

Visual agnosia is a mental  illness where the patient has perfect memory however cannot immediately  know and name what the abject is.  They live in a world of black and white and  lines and shapes.  Unable to see patterns such as faces and cannot recognize where he lives.   There is clearly a disconnect in his brain between seeing the object and the mental process of determining what it is.  For example a person with this illness knows what a computer is however only sees  the square lines forming the shape and that the computer is thin.  The patient sees the computer clearly and knows what a computer is however is incapable of making the connection between what they see and what it is.

This sounds horrible to happen to anybody however there are some interesting questions that spring to mind.  If the person has a perfect memory and now sees in black and white do they remember or can describe what colors are? or If they can remember what a computer is can they describe it?

Part 3

Being a scientist to the core I adhere to the scientific realism theory of reality.  This means i believe in all molecular particles  protons, neutrons, electrons, atoms, and molecules.  Also that the world is made up of different molecules and they constantly are moving.  I also believe that all things are explainable through science and there is n higher power such as God.  However there are some parts of this that do not make sense the odorless and colorless world.  Being a scientist I know that color exists because color is used to describe elements and solutions.  The same goes for odor it is used to describe and categorize compounds and elements.

part 9

Here is the presentation I created about the sense perception of touch I read.  The Article was titled “A Little Touch Goes a Long Way: How Touch Influences Perception and Choice”.  Two knowledge issue is how do we know the choices we make are the choices we would or want to make?  How influential  could this sense perception effect be?