The uncertainty of knowledge Belief and Doubt

In this article one phrases jumped out at me ” that secure knowledge can never be found? That our boundless ignorance explains why we feel so confident of success in bounded knowledge?” This shows the point that is made through the article that humans cannot achieve a situation where we will know all.  “The creative mind fashions the world in which we live” for humans to learn especially in science they need to create an experiment and perform it.

The videos particularly the first one is an eye opener and I am pleasantly  surprised that it exists.  In the video there is evidence of the corruption in the world today.   The second video is interesting because it shows how trustworthy to a fault and untrustworthy humans are.   Trustworthy in how easy it is to make people believe in a simple untrue fact and untrustworthy in how easily people condemn the experts.

Cheerios commercials have one of the few accurate pieces of propaganda that cheerios are heart healthy.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 10.52.13 PMHere is some proof that global climate change is real.  The link leads to an article about a flooded town with stores and cars half submerged


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