This I believe Essay Analysis

Essay: Ath(l)e(tic)ism?

The main idea of this essay is that religion and sports share many fundamental points.  When participating in either sports or religion communities are joined or created, values are taught.  Both have rituals, build character, and contribute to a person’s identity. When the essayist was young sports and religion intersected and she uses this as her evidence.  For example on sundays when catholics go to church and receive communion the essayist and her family would go to the tennis courts and play family doubles.  Both activities show dedication, foster community, and contribute to personal identity.

The essayist uses several personal experiences one discussed above others are on “saturday mornings when her jewish friends practiced hebrew she practiced soccer” and During the summer when some kids when to church camp she toured the country going to soccer tournaments.

The most interesting part by far was when she shared the experience of a pre game huddle when going to a catholic school.  All of her teammates and coach would pray the Our Father the essayist would mentally prepare herself for the game.  The interesting part is that both mentally prepare oneself however one puts their faith or fate partially in the hands of God.  The other entirely on oneself and the preparation  that they put in.