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Here is my answer to the question regarding a what I qualified as a failure and how i learned from it

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Brain Power of the Future

After watching The Brain I was intrigued by the new biotechnologies that are currently being developed. This sparked the question what might the  public  have access to int the near future?

To learn more about what  technology might be available to the future public I found an article that lists some technologies that should be available to the public in the future.

The article lists five biotechnologies that will be connected or implanted in the persons brain.  These technologies include storing memories on an external drive so that they could be retrieved and viewed as if the person had just seen it, being able to learn things that would take months by implanting a new hippocampus with the memories already in it, improving prosthetics or even controlling an entire robotic body, and possibly the most scary the idea that a persons mind could be hacked.

Would you want to be able to remember your entire life in extreme detail? Why? What parts would you want or not want to remember?

Just because a person could technically download months of information like learning a  language would they understand it or be bicultural like they would be if they took the time to learn it?

Could being able to control robots change war from human armies slashing to robot armies clashing?

If you have a memory bank or prosthetic hippocampus what’s to stop someone from hacking in to the memory backup or your brain and committing identity theft.